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Deborah J Adler, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT is a board certified, registered and licensed Clinical Art Therapist and business owner to her practice. She has practiced Art Therapy for over 26 years working with inpatient and outpatient pediatric and adult clients. She is also a Disability Awareness Consultant who has educated about disabilities and special challenges in many forums. She has participated in several Juried art exhibitions and has been a board member of the New York Art Therapy Association for over 18 years. Deborah has training in Reiki, Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Drama Therapy and Sign Language

Creativity opens the heart and heals the soul to new possibilities....



It is my objective to provide professional therapeutic services to individuals in their treatment process utilizing art, play, sand, writing and words in the hopes to offer a healthy, safe,and expressive means of communication and healing. I'm dedicated to offering a humanistic and integrative approach to meeting the unique needs of each individual. My approach offers a positive, creative and fun avenue to self-discovery and self-expression, while still upholding clinical and psychodynamic principles. It is also my goal to educate and inform students, professionals and other interested individuals about the field of Art Therapy and its effectiveness

With love and light,

Deborah J Adler

Mission + Vision

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Services Offered

  • Individual Art & Group Art/Play Therapy Sessions
  • Public Speaker/Workshop Presenter and Educator
  • Supervision


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Treating Children & Adults



-Eleanor, Cancer Support Program

​"A great experience working with Deborah Adler doing Art Therapy. The Art Therapy helps to elicit your thoughts and feelings about your inner experiences. Very helpful for me and cathartic. A highly recommended modality."

-Glenn, 52

I have been going to Deborah for a few months at least once a week. She is very patient, thoughtful, and compassionate. She actually listens to me and gives me good feedback on my feelings/thoughts. She is very reliable about getting back to me when I have a question or comment that just can't wait until the next appointment. Sometimes, I am unable to go to the office so we Facetime, especially in bad weather or when I have a panic attack. She is very willing to work with me as an out-of-network patient, filling out insurance forms for reimbursement. I highly recommend her as a therapist! One of the best.

- Sahra, 30 years old

"As a creative person, I've always been drawn towards arts and crafts. From school days to the present, creative arts have always helped lift my mood and give me an inner peace. Working with Ms. Deborah Adler over the last few months is a continuation of this search for peace. After the loss of my mother, I have been to therapy and talked through the issues, but the kind of happiness and peace I get with art therapy is different. The various projects we have worked on so far in my therapy use all different materials (from paint & paper to feathers & rocks). Ms. Adler helps me unravel the thought behind each "art move" and talk through issues while being creative at the same time. Art therapy isn't just for people of creative backgrounds, it is a tool that we all can use (and an amazing one I believe). When paired with an art therapist like Ms. Adler, I feel like I can work through my depression and she can help the creativeness come out with ease."

-Ryan, 8 years old

"Very fun and makes me calmer. I get more ideas when she says, "Do you want to play catch". We play in the sand, make games, and do more. But she is very nice. And I enjoy being with her."

-Laura, 43 years old​

"Being a firm believer in the whole self experience of therapy.. I appreciate the initiative style and directives executed by Deborah. I was in talk therapy for a long time and sometimes coming up with feelings, words got in the way so that took a lot of time and energy. Art Therapy is beyond words in the office of "Dr. D". I have the organic tactile experience I use to express my feelings and connect with my authentic self. I am grateful for what art therapy with Deborah has done for me now and will do for me in the future."

Diana, 54

"As I am trying to copy with Complicated Grief due to the passing of my husband and my mother, I find that Art Therapy with Deborah is emotionally uplifting. I can release so much anger, sadness and frustration throughout the art work . I can also discuss my problems and talking on a deeper level while to handling the materials. I always have a brighter outlook during our sessions".

Mom regarding daugter, Melanie, 13 years old


After more than a year of suffering from depression and anxiety, my 13-year-old daughter finally agreed to see a psychiatrist.  The doctor was kind and competent; but. after six months, Melanie didn’t feel she was doing much better and was willing to try working with an art therapist.  It’s been about five months now, and I see a noticeable improvement.  Melanie is not depressed as often or as intensely any more.  When she has a bad day, she can still function and/or is willing to try.  She looks forward to her sessions with Deborah and tells me it’s her safe space.  She talks positively about the future and goals she has.  Deborah has formed a trusting relationship with my daughter who was originally reluctant to work with anyone.  Melanie is now asking if she can increase the number of sessions.  As a parent, she has been supportive to me with phone calls updating me or making suggestions.  Her compassionate ear has gotten me through some tough moments.  I look forward to continued progress and am so grateful to have found someone as caring, trustworthy and creative to help my daughter find and express her authentic self.

-Geena, 51

"I recently attended one of Deborah Adler’s workshops and found it to be extremely empowering! I discovered so much about myself even in the one short hour. Deborah is easy to talk to and really understands the challenges of today’s world. She gave very real, practical advice for dealing with every day life. I came away realizing the importance of being “present” in the moment and tools to help deal with the many constant distractions that bombard all of us on a daily basis. I am glad I took the time to attend and I look forward to participating in any future workshops that she hosts!"